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Latest News


Add snow turtle pictures. Add some more text to the drum page. Do some corrections.


Reorder menu and change some html files name. Overwrite the old synth page. Add proper meta description to page. some text update.


Add sculpture section. Add colors and backgrounds since I learn a bit more about CSS.


Update synth section french traduction. Finish porting most of the synth section (I know, many link are not working yet)


Start big update of the website using webgen. My goal is to put some cleanup in the old site, find a way to make it simpler to maintain, and also provide english and french translation for all the page.

Yves’s Web page

what a good title…

Here are some pages detailling some of my hobbies, notably, the construction of stuff of all sort : Synthesizer, drum, etc.

My goal is to put some good information for enthusiasm people that would like to do similar things. I made lots of research and learn from my mistake, so I hope to make people avoid some of the pitfall.