Stargrunt 2 : Opposed dice rolls statistics

This page is a collection of various statistics I made related to the miniatures game Stargrunt 2 made by Ground Zero Games. It use opposed dice rolls to resolve some of the event in the game. One player usually have more than one die and the type of die could also be different (D4 to D12). The bigger the die type and the more dice you have the better. However, it is quite hard to figure out what are the odds of achieving minor or major success. For example, is it better to have 2xD12 vs D8 or D6,D8,D10 vs D6 ?

There is 750 combination of Die type for a standard fire resolution (Quality + Firepower + optional support vs Defense dice). Some of those combination are redundant, but still, this is quite a bunch of case to cover! I managed to fit that in 20 charts. Each chart show the variation of Quality vs Defense dice (firepower and support dice are fixed).

There is colors bars on each charts. Each colors correspond to a Quality die type (D12=red, D10=orange, D8=blue, D6=green, D4=yellow). The darker area of each bar is the probability of major success (Suppression + potential hit). The light area is the probability of minor success (suppression only). The second chart show the minimum, average and maximum potential hits to expect if a major success is rolled.

This information could be of interest to geek but also it can be handy when creating scenario.