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IVANOHÉ I The analog beast

Construction of an analog modular synth

Some years ago I start this project and, if everythings go right, it should take most of my live to finish : Building a Modular Synth.

Photo of the beast

Front Ivanohe 1 synthesizer front

Inside Ivanohe 1 synthesizer back

List of modules

some sounds of the synth.

Why doing this?

Why spending so much time (hundred of hours) building an analog monster from the past, which can probably appear in a Frankenstein movie, when you can get a wonderful digital synth/sampler instead?

The answer is simple. A modular Analog Synth is the perfect amusement park for someone like me who like to create sounds and build electronic stuff. All the knobs (about 120) and the inputs/outputs jacks (about 161) give you lots of possibilities to create electronics sounds (or to get a good headache sometime :) ). For example, nothings prevent me to do Frequency Modulation (FM), or Amplitude Modulation (AM), of a VCO with my own voice. Try to do that on some digital synth!

Some building tips

If you ever want to build your own analog synth, take note of the following:

If I didn’t discourage you, here some more positive things and tips:

Where to Start?

Good question. This is the equipment you need:

Layout, schematic, pcb.