Commonly, work of this sort is called, Creative Nonfiction, but I prefer to simply call it Fiction. If you have already read some of the stories, you will realize that they are irreverent and skewed.

While these characters really lived, and the main account of their deeds, actions, and ideas is presented factually to a degree, poetic license has been taken with all of them (adding details that are true to their characters, but invented; one might say the anecdotes are correct, but illusory), therefore, all of this work, real and not real, is presented as FICTION, so don't become upset if you find something that you think is "wrong." Every historian writes from a subjective point of view, regardless, and while this work is not proper academic history, it does look at those accounts written by historians as its main source and then takes its own fictional direction. As an individual vision, filtered through certain values, perceptions and objectives, it is perhaps possible that this complete body of work adds up to being an individual allegory,

The seven stories and nine pictures offered on this site are samples of work still being completed. So far, about 50 biographies have been written, and around 35 characters have been photographed, using actors depicting the characters. They are provided here in the interest of finding a publisher, because one plan is to put them all together in a couple books for publication, and also to later produce an exhibition of the images with the characters printed larger than life-size.

Persons who have quietly lived their lives by following the rules in good faith don't make it into the history books. These people are in the history books.


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