some brief lives. . .

These stories are somewhat condensed from my full length versions, in order to make them more accessible on the WEB.
LOLA MONTEZ A truly bad "Spanish Dancer" (among MANY other things), she wanted California to become independent and be called "Lola Land", with herself as queen. One of the most outrageous women of her time. 19th century
LADY GODIVA Lived ca. 1040-1080 in Coventry, England; tax protester, equestrienne, special fashion sense.
PRAISE-GOD BAREBONE 17th century exotic leather goods merchant; bearbaiter, self-fashioned controversial preacher.
WILD BILL HICKOK 19th century "Shootist"; frontier marshal, gambler, shot in the back while playing low stakes poker; married Calamity Jane.
COUNTESS ELIZABETH BATHORY The original (real) vampire, she bathed in the blood of murdered virgins, etc. She really did live in Transylvania. 16-17th centuries.
MARY FIELDS "Stagecoach Mary" Black, 6' tall, gun totin' female wild west figure. 19th century.
JESUS A great moral teacher of antiquity, this Middle-Eastern Jewish peasant enjoyed a good joke, a lively party, and a decent glass of wine with his friends.
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